Computers and You – Part 2

So many computers, so little time. Do you often feel like you have been overpaying on technology and do you think you will have to always overpay on technology? If so this article is for you. After reading our last article “Computers and You” you should have a better grasp on what makes a computer tick. In this article we will tell you how to find a good deal on those parts by being informed.First you have to decide if you want to build or buy your next computer. If you want to build your computer you have to think a lot more about the internal workings of a computer to make sure you buy the correct parts. We will go into more detail about that in the next article. For now, we will show you how to see if you are being scammed into buying a computer for an outrageous price. Information is the key to success when you want to buy anything whether it be a car, a house or even a computer….so be informed and keep your money.When searching for a computer you do not always have to go to big name brand companies like DELL or Alien-ware to get the best deal.First, shop around. Some of the sites we have seen that come highly recommended are, and These websites have high marks around computer builders for their customer satisfaction and their overall price. You can search through their products with the touch of a button. You can arrange the products by price, specs, name, and so on. Very versatile websites. Five stars if you ask me.Once you have found the right parts add all your parts together with shipping and see how much your computer SHOULD cost you. Generally you can expect a computer retailer to add $100 to $150 to the price you find just to pay for the work put into building your computer. For example, if your product adds to $589.00 with shipping and handling round up and add $150. This should give you a general idea of what a builder should charge you give or take a few dollars. If you can build your own computer then forget the builder and buy the parts and put them together yourself and just pay for the parts, but remember only build if you know how. If you do not know how, remember to take a crash course with part 3 of our articles.Do not be a sucker anymore. Get to know what you need and how much it costs them to build so that you know that $589.00 worth of parts does not cost $1000.00 to build. Usually you can use the same calculations when having a repair done. Do the research and find how much the part usually costs and then add a hundred (which is a very high figure for most repairs) and estimate how much you would pay if the computer store was legit and working for you…not against you.Understandably you may not know exactly what parts you are looking to put into your computer, but using our last article you know what it take to make a computer tick. We will go into detail on what to buy if you build your own with our next article and maybe you can learn how to keep from getting ripped off by combining all the articles and staying informed. Do not be a statistic and not know about this ever evolving technology….stay ahead of the game and and keep your money where it belongs. In your pocket. Stay tuned for our next article when we tell you how to build your own computer.